QuestionGame Of LuckKoi Ek Qismat Word Select Karo,Par….

Game Of Luck
Koi Ek Qismat Word Select Karo,
Par Wada Karo Jo Nikla..
Wo Eid Par Aapko Mujhe Dena Parega.
AX71, AX72, AX73, AX74, AX75, AX76, AX77, AX78, AX79, AX710
Try Your Luck
AX71, Mobile Card
AX72, Empty
AX73, Ek Suite
AX74, Sun Glases
AX75, Stylish Pen
AX76, Hand Watch
AX77, Empty
AX78, Eid Card
AX79, Batva
AX710, Empty
Good Luck

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