Once upon a time, there was a peaceful kingdom. The king heard rumors that barbarians were going to attack his castle soon. So he called his two favorite pets – the huge grey goose and gander.
“My dear goose and gander, our kingdom is in danger. Take my daughter to a safe place on top of the tallest hill,” said the king. So the grey goose and gander flew the princess who sat in a red sheet over the one-strand river to the top of the tallest hill.
Six months had passed but the kingdom was not attacked. The king regretted his decision and told the grey goose and gander to bring home his daughter. Then the king understood that he had to be careful before taking actions based up the rumors which need not be true. The king was aware of his discretion before taking any decision.
Moral of the story :
You do not have to overreact just because you overheard rumors.

Georgie Porgie was a cheeky little boy. He liked to tease people especially little girls.
One afternoon, he went to the park near his house. He found a little girl and tried to kiss her. The girl cried and sobbed because she did not like Georgie.
Then, some boys came to the park and saw Georgie chasing after the girl. They shouted and laughed loudly at Georgie. Georgie stopped chasing the girl and ran away feeling embarrassed. Thereafter Georgie hesitated to play with his friends because he remembered his embarrassment that he faced in front of his friends. This incident prohibited him from chasing girls thereafter.
Moral of the story :
Being cheeky and naughty has its limits. Behave yourself so that you do not cause problems to others.

One day, Dr. Foster wanted to go to Gloucester to do his work. It had been raining since morning and had not stopped. But he still went there nonetheless.
Once he finished his work, he set off home immediately. But it was still raining. The road was wet and slippery. Dr. Foster walked quickly.
Suddenly, he stepped into a puddle full of water and sank up to his waist. He was scared and wet all over. He was so frustrated with his bad luck that he promised never to go to Gloucester again.
Moral of The Story :
You should be careful of where you are going to avoid any accident.

There was a little boy who just celebrated his birthday. His parents bought him a puppy as a birthday present. The puppy had very long ears.
One evening, he was playing with his puppy. The puppy was happily jumping about and wagging his tail. Then the little boy tried to tie the puppy’s ears into a knot. The puppy stopped wagging his tail.
The little boy then tried to tie the puppy’s ears into a bow. The boy chuckled but the puppy became quiet.
“Can you throw your ears over your shoulders like a regimental soldier?” asked the boy. The puppy put his head on the ground and whimpered. The little boy laughed and hugged the puppy. The puppy wagged his tail happily.
Moral of The Story :
Avoid doing anything to someone that could not be changed.

One afternoon, Mrs. Darby was having tea with her friend, Mrs Smith. On the table, there were two cups of tea and some muffins.
“Mmm, this muffin is delicious. Did you bake them yourself?” asked Mrs Smith.
“No. Actually I bought them from the muffin man,” replied Mrs Darby.
“The muffin man?” asked Mrs Smith.
“Yes, the muffin man who lives in Drury Lane,” said Mrs Darby.
“Oh yes, I know that muffin man,” said Mrs Smith knowingly.
Moral of the story :
Share useful information with your friends. This way you could get more information in the future. The information will be of great help to you as well.

Once upon a time, there was a very useful little pussy cat. The pussy cat killed all the mice in the farmer’s barn.

One day, a little boy called Johnny Green wanted to play with the pussy cat. Johnny played rough. He even tried to drown the pussy cat in a well. The pussy cat was terrified. It cried for help.

A little boy called Tommy Stout was walking near the well. He heard the pussy cat’s cry from inside the well. He went to the well and quickly pulled the pussy cat out. The pussy cat was very happy.

Moral of the story :

Avoid becoming a bully. Be helpful and kind to animals. Then only you will not be bullied in the future and your life will be happy and peaceful.

Dick was an actor. He was brilliant. He had a strange character. He insisted on realism. He was a head ache to his manager. A drama was played.
The first was drinking scene. Water was provided in a cup. Dick insisted on liquor. The manager had brought a bottle of liquor.
The second scene was a fighting scene. He insisted on real swords. Steel swords were provided.
The third scene was the one in which the hero was drinking poison. The manager had real poison. The actor was in fix.
He realised his mistakes. He realised the importance of practicality in life. He promised to be sensible in future.

 Moral : Practicality in life is important.

There was a little boy called John. He was very playful. He played hard at the playground and was exhausted when he got home. His father told him to get undressed and ready for a bath. The little boy nodded and went straight to his room.
His father was waiting for John at the bathroom but he never came. His father went to John’s room. He saw that John was already asleep in his bed fully clothed. And one shoe was off but one shoe was still on his right foot.
His father took off John’s shoe and his trousers. He dressed him in his pyjamas and left him to sleep.
Moral of the story :
Avoid playing too much until you are too tired to do anything else.

One night, there was a little baby who was still not asleep. His mother already tried rocking the baby to sleep but he was still wide awake. So, his mother took him to the window to see the stars.
The stars shone on the sea. The mother told the baby some stories about the stars. She said that there were two little stars that played peek-a-boo with two little fishes in the deep blue sea. And there were two little frogs that cried ‘Neap, neap, neap. We also see a dear little baby who should be asleep!’
The baby was happy and delighted. Soon, sleepy and fell asleep in his mother’s arms.

Moral of the story :

You should go to sleep when it is your bedtime.

In a faraway land, there was a rooster who lived with his master and the wife. Every early morning, the rooster would make a very loud sound. This shocked his master and the wife so much that they jumped up from their sleep.

One day, the rooster heard that his master and the wife wanted to slaughter him for dinner. He was afraid. He wanted to run away. But before he went off, he quickly took one of the wife’s shoes and the master’s fiddling stick. Then he ran off into the forest feeling happy and satisfied.

Moral of The Story :

Always be careful of someone that you know. Because sometimes they have bad ideas towards you.