No One Else Can Compare To What You
Mean To Me, You Are The Reason Why
My Heart Finds It Easier To Beat. You
Have Made All My Dreams Come True,
So Darling This Valentine's Day I Want
To Promise To Do Everything For You.
Another Valentine's Day Is Here To
Remind You Of How Much Our Love
Has Sustained, You Are The Reason
Why My Heart Sings And With You
By My Side I Know There Is Nothing
That I Cannot Achieve I Love You.
Having You By My Side Has Made
Me Realize How Much It Means
To Have You By My Side, I Love
You More Than Anything Else In
The World Happy Valentines Day.

Love for me is you…
With every heartbeat I feel you more..
With every single breath I call out your name..
With every new day I grow old…
But love for you grows day by day..
you are in my thoughts all the time…
Would you be My Valentine!……